UBC Graduation Tickets - Spring Graduation 2022

UBC Graduation Tickets - The Extra Ticket round begins on Wednesday, May 18th at noon and ends at 11:59pm on the day prior to your ceremony date. 

The deadline to reserve your initial two comps has now passed.  We cannot guarantee two tickets for students who have missed the deadline for reserving tickets in advance.  There will be no exceptions for those who miss this reservation window. Any unclaimed tickets from the first round have been added to the extra ticket inventory and distributed evenly in the next ticket round. 

Please note, it is NOT first-come, first-served ticket reservations. You have until 11:59pm on the day prior to your ceremony to reserve the alloted amount for your ceremony as shown in the chart below: 
Date and Time Number of Extra Tickets Available
May 25, 8:30 Cer 1 2
May 25, 11 am Cer 2 1
May 25, 1:30 Cer 3 1
May 25, 4 pm Cer 4 2
May 26, 8:30 Cer 5 1
May 26, 11 am Cer 6 1
May 26, 1:30 Cer 7 1
May 26, 4 pm Cer 8 1
May 27, 8:30 Cer 9 1
May 27, 11 am Cer 10 1
May 27, 1:30 Cer 11 2
May 27, 4 pm Cer 12 1
May 30, 8:30 Cer 13 1
May 30, 11 am Cer 14 1
May 30, 1:30 Cer 15 1
May 30, 4 pm Cer 16 2
May 31, 8:30 Cer 17 1
May 31, 11 am Cer 18 1
May 31, 1:30 Cer 19 1
May 31, 4 pm Cer 20 2
June 01, 8:30 Cer 21 2
June 01, 11 am Cer 22 2
June 01, 1:30 Cer 23 2
June 01, 4 pm Cer 24 2
June 02, 8:30 Cer 25 1
June 02, 11 am Cer 26 3
June 02, 1:30 Cer 27 2
June 02, 4 pm Cer 28 2

1) Enter in your promotional code.  
  • Initial Comp Round (Until May 16th at 11:59pm) :   The promotional code is 22S, followed by your student number (eg. 22S12345).  Do not include zeros at the start of your student number. Click Go. A blue bar should appear on top of the screen saying that the code has been accepted.  
  • Extra Ticket Round (May 18th at 12:00pm - 11:59pm on the  day prior to the ceremony date) :   The promotional code is 22SX, followed by your student number (eg. 22SX12345). Make sure that you add the X after S- this promo code is different than the first round. Do not include zeros at the start of your student number. Click Go. A blue bar should appear on top of the screen saying that the code has been accepted.
2) Click BUY beside the ceremony you wish to go to. You need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the ceremony. 

3) Create or login into your account.  If you haven't purchased tickets to an event at the Chan Centre, or any of its ticketing partners previously, you will need to create an account. It does NOT link to your UBC SSC account.

4) Complete the order! The order is completed once you have a six-digit confirmation number from our system.

5) Check your email.  You should also receive an email confirmation moments after completing the order. Be sure to check your junk mail or spam folder in your email program, as tickets sometimes end up there!


How do you decide how many tickets each ceremony will have allocated and what if I need more?  We have calculated the number of unclaimed tickets remaining in the system and divided by the number of grads to determine how many extra tickets are  available to each graduate. These tickets are promo coded and graduates have until 11:59pm the day prior to their ceremony to reserve the guaranteed amount outlined in the table above. This ensures fair distribution of tickets for all graduates- please do not call the Ticket Office asking for exceptions. We have limited seats available and every graduate deserves access to the same amount of tickets. 
Beginning at 12:01am on the day of your ceremony, if there are any remaining tickets left in the system after the Extra paid ticket round,  these seats will be released to the public with no limits and no promo coded required. 

What if my ceremony is sold out? As seating is limited and all remaining available tickets are being released at 12:01am on the day of your ceremony, we do not anticipate any extra tickets becoming available on the day of the event. If your ceremony is sold out, your guests are welcome to come early and wait in the Standby line up in case of last-minute non-attendance. The Standby line will open up 30 minutes before the ceremony start time- please do not arrive any earlier than this.   If you are unable to obtain extra tickets in advance online, we would highly encourage you to view the live webcast. Live webcast will commence 15 minutes prior to each scheduled ceremony. 

What if my guests have special seating requirements? The Chan Centre is a fully accessible building. When approaching the Chan Centre entrance from the top of the stairwell please note that there is an elevator located near the flag pole plaza; south-west of the main doors to the Chan Centre. Take the elevator to level 5, of the Parkade to access the Chan Centre. Special needs parking is available on Level 5 of the Rose Garden Parkade. F.M. Hearing System headsets are also available free of charge for the hearing impaired.
Guests who need assistance to get to their seats should arrive 45 minutes before the ceremony start time and identify themselves to a Chan Centre staff member upon arrival. Efforts will be made to pre-seat the party prior to the concert hall opening to the public. Public entry to the hall begins 30 minutes prior to the ceremony.

What if my guests arrive late? Seats are only guaranteed until showtime and latecomers may not be admitted. Remind your guests to arrive in plenty of time. If guests are unable to make it to the ceremony, they may view the live webcast.

What if I didn't book my Parking Pass with my tickets? You can still book your Parking Pass here. No promo code is required to book parking.

Click here to see the schedule. If you are unsure or need information on your ceremony date and time, please contact Enrolment Services, Records and Registration at 604-822-9836, or by email 

Please note: The Box Office is open Tuesday-Friday, noon-4:00pm. Tickets may be reserved online at any time, if available.

Feel free to email the Ticket Office with any questions or concerns in regards to the tickets, and again, congratulations!